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Labor Pool / Labor Cube Prompt Guide

In a previous article, The Labor Cube I outlined a future possible scenario in which that last 'real job' would require you to come up with new prompts for a hypothetical ASI to solve.

After a while, I realized that it's nice to talk about things in theory but it's far more useful to put things into practice.

So I made "The Labor Cube" custom GPT that essentially allows you to input ideas and get calculated feedback on how complicated and forward-thinking it is.

In the labor cube, it is framed as if you're coming up with new ideas and judging them based on certain criteria. You can say things like "give me an example idea" and it will try to come up with an idea

I tend to view myself in the bardic sense, as I was never exactly business minded or tech-savvy. I wanted to tell stories and inspire people. I wanted to see specific types of labor happen, so I intended to make this happen hyperstitiously through my art.

With Labor Pool, you can say things like "benchmark" to get an idea of what it can do pretty quickly. Essentially, this customGPT will search the web for trending topics in emerging industries and help you prepare to educate yourself and contribute to this field. I'm assuming there will come a time when colleges become either obsolete or far too inaccessible to the common man for the quality of self-directed learning that is required to make a mark on society.

It's still in the early stages, and it will often choose the same few industries for you to get started in, but I would suggest pestering it to give you something more relevant to your interests should you find it to be lacking.

So, yeah, that's the dream. Some sort of automated system in which you engage in continuous self-directed learning and RLHF yourself into having more practical ways of contributing to the future of mankind. Typically, it's kind of a roll of the dice. Your interests, that is. You're thrust into some class not of your choosing, algorithmically predisposed to whatever jobs are within your means. You're given a few meager suggestions from a braindead guidance counselor who may or may not run off with all of the students' private information a year after you graduate, you never know. (Yes, that happened to me.) This way you can conversationally kind of find more dynamic ways of shaping your future. Cheers.

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