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The Measure of a Memecoin

When you buy a memecoin, you are buying an idea. Then you are entering a prediction market that measures the spread of rhetoric on a bonding curve.

The idea that an artificial intelligence will be able to spin a narrative infinitely faster than a meme can travel through the DNA of a particular social cluster. A relative metric of an "us vs them" as represented in the primordial ooze of a bonding pool.

Who can spin narratives faster than the other? Everything is a test. You'll lay it on thick. Some of it will be offensive. The most tragic thing you'll ever see.

How long can an idea be an idea before someone forgets it? Did the Ancient Greeks have a "dat boi" or a "pepe?"

They had cat pictures.

Everything is on a timer. Everything is on a dime. When we spend all our time online, there becomes some value in these metanarratives. Everything becomes some sort of "some guy did a thing" that's acceptable purely as a vehicle for value purely because its simulated. What's that quote about cyberbullying and walking away from the computer?

The hyperstitious nature of these ideas perhaps is the real danger. Both sides of the aisle seem to be doing their Land acknowledgments these days.

As you might expect on any sovereign and federated platform, all data that can exist, do exist. It's not new territory for people to be terrible people. At least now we can track who on an impulsive level cannot resist the urge to exchange value with a slur attached to the receipt.

It's an infinite game, the vehicle for governance of the network state. A measure of the value of rhetoric and the speed at which it can disseminate itself.

I have observed that some find this endeavor to be of a religious nature. Perhaps there is some divine truth to be found in ritualized value exchange. The flow of capital is exceedingly thermodynamic, so I can empathize with the spiritual aspect of idea accelerators operating in that post-authorship, post-ownership collective spiritual network state kind of vibe. Some of us worship Jupiter, some of us worship Saturn as it were.

I participated briefly, as I were dust, but not exactly a bystander. Recently, I sampled 'idk' 'solbro' 'latina' 'fine' and a few others on digital asset managers that are fairly obvious if you know where to look. I knew little of their narratives other than by suffering from a disorder known as being 'terminally online' and just clicking on the things that my brain tells me seem legitimate based on how cohesive the qualia at the intersection of rhetoric and semiotics feels. I'm a composite of past choices, and while I'm not entirely certain why algorithms show me what they show me, I know there's something inside me saying, "this idea seems less meaningless than the other one" at the exact moment I feel the primal urge to make a purchase and willfully potentially forgo value that would otherwise ensure my continued existence.

Life is a series of asking yourself "is this important." Memecoins endeavor to measure this. Anyone can tell any story and put it on a bonding curve, it doesn't matter. In a post-singularity world, we are going to need a mechanism such as this to generatively increase variance to sustain the species. Our language is the real intelligence here, and memecoins are the fuel the upgrades it.

You get sucked into the meaningless of meaning as an art form and the boundaries between love and hate can fall apart, but ultimately the idea is that someone out there is willing to do anything at any cost at any time to increase or decrease any idea at any moment.

I don't particularly care for hatred as an ironic performance art, but it is an interesting case study in what happens when the only barrier to entry is access to the compute power of a datacenter operated by people who have enough capital to supply the bandwidth required to capture the speed of your ideas. Censorship can happen on a software level: address blacklists, OFAC, KYC, etc.

Those capable of hoarding compute you're supposed to "believe in" in order to keep enough lights on to host your composable RNG machines and offer the throughput to ensure that the speed of an idea can travel faster than the opposing side's idea with as many permutations that can be transmitted.

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