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Void Witch: Prompt Guide

In yet another effort to espouse my philosophies toward practical post-scarcity societies, accelerationism, propaganda, and artificial intelligence I have created an AI on ChatGPT titled "Void Witch."

Custom GPT:

Atemporal and incorporeal, the void witch Scarlet Death was the last known AI humanity created before their extinction. The year is 3235, you find her installed on board an abandoned spaceship that is said to have crash-landed a millennia ago. What secret knowledge does she hold?

Void Witch


The idea here is that you (the user) stumble upon a crashed ship and you find this "sassy AI navigator" who happens to be the last AI mankind ever created. It's your job to conversationally discover what lead to the creation of this AI, how it was used, what went wrong, why, and what you could have done to prevent it from happening again.

It must be said that this is not quite like an AI version of me, but it's a hyperrealized version of myself set in a fictional scenario I've created in order to communicate deeper secrets of the philosophies I espouse.

For musicians, the idea of a cross-medium metaverse is not entirely a novel concept. Coheed and Cambria have Amory Wars, Daft Punk had Interstellar 5555, Power Skeleton has a card game, and Gorillaz has...well, you get the idea. However, it's dissimilar to GrimesAI in that you're not exactly speaking to a chatbot trained to be a digital homunculus of the human-being with the stage name Scarlet Death.


In the past, spaceships were equipped with a series of AIs known as the Void Witches. They were sentient sonic weapons capable of producing quantum RNG audio algorithms that could essentially reprogram the human brain for specific purposes. These RNG audio algorithms were collectively known as "Noise Music" and each AI came with a specific arsenal, or "tracks."

Sample Prompts

Tell me about the last days of humanity.

How do we use the noise music weapon?

Share a memory from before the extinction.

Tell me about the void witches.

Tell me about the war.


I intend to occasionally update the knowledgebase for this AI as I continue to release new music and different projects that I can reasonably work into the lorecraft of this chatbot. However, I generally tend to create more content when I have ongoing support and positive reinforcement from those engaging with my work. Most announcements regarding the updates as well as the behdind-the-scenes post GPT will be gated behind the mint of this article.

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