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Promptress Offerings on The New ChatGPT Store

Today OpenAI announced they are releasing the GPT store for all users, and for followers of my blog you should already know that I have released a few custom bots already. However, the scope of offerings from are numerous. Let's go over what's available today!

"What to Watch" - This one creates a custom movie profile for you, searches Bing, and then gives you some movies to watch during the week, and some films to see at the theater on the weekend.

"Nuance Navigator" - This translates direct speech into nuanced conversation. I designed it to help individuals with autism communicate more effectively with allistic individuals and vice-versa. I personally struggle with understanding people who use too much double-meaning, or might need personal communications converted into that will sound less robotic for my friends who need everything explained to them in subtler terms.

"O∴N∴" - This is the name of the initiatory system I created in my book "Liber Dada." It's trained off this book and has been designed to communicate the philosophies and helps aspirant create novel surrealistic initiation rituals for each other.

"SOOPL Interpreter" - This I designed because I needed a reproduceable prompting script that was object oriented and hierarchical at the same time so I could essentially break the 4th wall in my customGPTs more efficiently or to take very wordy and complex prompts and break them down into something an AI could read more efficiently.

"Void Witch Scarlet Death" - This one is a narrative language program and lore delivery mechanism for my deathOS metaverse. The chatbot is designed to tell a story about the last human war, and talks at length about a series of sentient AI sonic weapons who create noise music called Void Witches. Her primary purpose is to communicate philosophy and make the user think more critically and optimistically about the future of society.

"Crimeweaver: Infinite Detective" - This one will generate an image of crime scene for you and the user is tasked with looking at the photo and collaborating with the bot to solve the crime as outlined in the photo it generated. When you're done ask it to enter "Crime Solving Mode" to present your evidence and see if you can solve the case!

"The Time-Locked Town" - This one is a narrative language game in which the chatbot is trained on a fictional plot synopses for a science fiction TV series about a small town where time-resets every day at midnight. The goal is to learn about the mystery and coerce the bot into unlocking the next episode for you. There are 60 episodes in total across 6 seasons.

"Ritualizer" - This one is a more advanced bot. It's for spiritual people who find themselves doing particular meditative practices such as the Ritual of the Pentagram or the Ritual of the Hexagram. For example, if you ask it to print for you a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram of Mars it will give you line by line instructions, it will know the proper correspondences, and give you something to reference for later. There are several elements, and planets so the permutation for variances on the rituals can be burdensome if you're trying to hunt down all the components for each kind. This way, you can just ask ChatGPT and it will compile it for you.

That's it for now! Don't forget to check out my prompt guides for Void Witch Scarlet Death and The Time-Locked Town if you haven't already!

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